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Hamish Glianos

[Creative Director]

In the early days of Hamish’s career, he began his apprenticeship as a barber, refining men’s cutting and clipper techniques, learning the importance of attention to detail.

Searching for more scope, Hamish sought to develop his career and moved into the salon world, where he worked in Australia’s leading salons to complete his apprenticeship.

After winning the coveted Australian Apprentice of the Year award, Hamish felt the natural next step was to build an international standard.

He then moved to London where he re-trained as a specialist haircutter in Mayfair’s leading salon Mahogany Hairdressing.

During his time in London, Hamish had the privilege to develop a strong reputation as a haircutter and presented seminars at London Salon International and Royal Albert Hall.

Being one of the only Mahogany trained Australians, Hamish was approached to take the brand to Sydney, where he opened the very first Mahogany in Potts Point. he quickly developed a strong reputation for his focus on real customer service, attracted a team of highly-skilled talents where they had collectively changed the face and reputation of the industry in Australia.

Hamish then became Hair Director for talents for the MTV Music Awards, Australian Idol, X-factor and The Voice and had the honour to tend to the tresses of celebrity talents across the music industry.

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Pinky Poon

[Senior Stylist]

Pinky was born in HK and has over 10 years of hairdressing experience, working across Asia in both international salons and on shoots for leading fashion brands.

She moved to London 2 years ago, in pursuit of finding inspiration to enhance her skill further. There she further developed and strengthened her technique and craftmanship. In 2018, Pinky returned to Hong Kong where she joined our big brother, Selvedge Barbers team.

With the development and inception of Selvedge-Women, Pinky has come across to work alongside Creative Director Hamish Glianos to offer her skills and expertise in the salon environment.

With a warm smile and genuine interest in getting to know her clients, you'll always feel at home around her. Pinky's simple and organic way of cutting allows you to recreate the hairstyle you want at home easily. Her expert scissor cutting techniques and attention to details also mean the haircut will last longer, too! Whether a simple cut or something edgier, she'll personalize it to create the look that you deserve.

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